Perception Design

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Can you guess the brand ?

Weather you guessed it right or not but it must of tricked you for a moment.

One fine day when I was in hurry at check-in at Banglore airport, I bought bottle no. 2, thinking that it is Milton's bottle. Days after when I observed that, the bottle I had bought had started rusting from inside, I looked at the brand name & realized that I got tricked by a very carefully designed trick, perception design. Disappointed me, went to a nearby mall to buy an authentic bottle. I scanned through the multi-product shelf & could not find Milton bottle over there. Finally, I wanted to leave out the place, where I saw a bottle at the billing counter which has Milton's name on it. For a moment I thought its a retrofit but then went back to the shelf & checked the same bottle. The design of the bottle was quite different & Interesting. It did not have a typical steel finish. So I inquired at support person & they said it's a genuine Milton's bottle. Finally, I bought it.

The reason behind all this huzzle & fuzzle is lack of perception.

The moral of the story, in the case of new product design, along with technology development you also need to spend a good amount of time perception building.

Few tips for perception building

  1. Try to maintain some common design language among all your products. You can refer to products designed by Diater Ram, (father of industrial designer) where he has maintained common elements across all the products. This helps them to maintain common brand perception among all products.

  2. Do pilot testing in the early stage of product development. Simply put mock-up of your new deign in a nearby mall along with other products & observe if the customers are able to pick your brand.

  3. Interact frequently with experts like business developers, marketing people, salespeople, & experienced designers who have their innovations into the market.

  4. Don't wait for perfect product, test them as early as possible

  5. Last & not least, take frequent feedback from real time customers.


Tushar Pawar Product Designer

I am a passionate designer & simplicity lover. Loves to try, loves to fail. Poetry & fun lover. Tries to bring all my real-life experiences into my profession. 

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