Minigram is an ideal place where you can convert your ideas into a product. Minigram is unique brand that posses an experty in design, manufacturing & sales as well.


Minigram  is India based  a product design & manufacturing company, founded in Pune, India in 2015. Minigram  is a global design brand. We design our own products as well as client based projects. 


Minigram carries potential of designing everything that a human species requires starting from pen to plane.

We provide end to end product design related solutions, starting from user research, opportunity identifications, idea generations, prototyping , mass manufacturing, product testing, product packaging,

sales & marketing as well.     


Our predominant working areas are agricultural products, household products, kitchen products, furniture products, bathroom products, automobile products, sports accessories, luggage accessories, scientific instruments & so on. Minigram is good at solving day to day life problems through product design.

Our several products has created positive impact on people's life & that provides us immense satisfaction. 


Engineering & Industrial Design are two main main pillar which is holding minigram strongly. We provide beautiful & creative design solutions that suits customer needs perfectly. At minigram we bring in a balance of form & functionality, a harmony of beauty & performance.


At minigram we work on cutting edge technologies like 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting, Vacuum forming, Silicon Molding, CNC laser cutting, CNC bending, CNC machining etc.

We are also well equipped with plenty of prototyping techniques starting like clay modelling, FRP, POP modelling, Foam modelling, wood modelling, acrylic modelling etc.


We follow product design process religiously & always aims to provide complete customer satisfaction. Wide exploration at each & every stage of product design process gives us plenty of opportunities to come up with multiple solutions for the same problem. Our experty in design,manufacturing & sales provides us a strong edge over competetion. 

You can buy our products from online as well as offline platform at affordable prices.